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Liquidation is an invaluable tool for financially troubled companies and their creditors. Unfortunately, it is too often a costly, time-consuming and uncertain process. It doesn’t have to be this way. I am committed to finding a way to make that process as efficient and successful as possible for business owners. I am passionate about helping small business owners facing insolvency to produce the best possible results for you through the power of what I call the three e’s: expertise, experience and efficiency. That is not a promise. It is a guarantee.

London Insolvency is here to help company directors and business owner who are finding it hard to keep creditors at bay and finding money to pay your staff every month. You may be experiencing sleepless nights worrying if your business will survive and weather you will be with any personal liabilities it the business fails. Can the directors be prosecuted for wrongful trading and other concerns and questions? What can the Insolvency London office do for me?

Do you need to know what your options are for dealing with the above problems? Do you need to know which is best for both you and your business in your situation? Do you need to know who you can turn to for reliable guidance and expert advice? Do you know where your nearest Insolvency London Office is?

You can find all the answers you need with one simple FREE call to our Insolvency London Helpline on 0800 24 0800

Nationally known author and Insolvency Auditor Moe Nawaz provides straightforward, easy to understand information and advice that you can understand in plain English that will help you decide what to do about your financially troubled business in today’s economy.

As the UK’s leading Insolvency Auditor & Mastermind Startegist, Moe will explain to you insolvency, business bankruptcy, liquidation, pre-pack insolvency and administration orders and how best to use them to save your business. Moe will explain the pros and cons of each option and guide you through the various decisions you will need to take about you and your business’s future. All this can be done over some nice coffee in one of our London Insolvency offices or at your own office provided you can lay on some nice coffee for Moe. Why not call our Insolvency London Helpline for a free consultation.

Why Moe Nawaz?

“Whilst his competitors are very good at what they do, he has a much greater commitment to finding a solution quickly, easily, safely, enjoyably and predictably than any of his rivals in the London Insolvency sector.

He is also better at both minimising your liabilities and maximising your gains. He can also show you more ethical short cut and fast track strategies than anyone else operating in the Insolvency London area”.

When You Need Someone On Your Side.

If you need an expert insolvency auditor with over 20 years of experience, commitment, knowledge, skills and a personal touch to deal with your financial and insolvency problems then you need not look any further.

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Moe Nawaz: Mastermind Strategist – Author – Speaker